Inspr is an engine for running distributed applications, using multiple communication patterns such as pub sub and more, focused on type consistency and development simplicity.

  • Robust: built on top of golang, kubernetes and other state of the art technologies
  • Distributed: created to allow complex and hierarchical distributed design patterns
  • Cloud native: lightweight and modular, built with interchangeable pieces
  • Versatile: can adapt to any cloud environment

? Getting Started


The recommended way to install inspr in a kubernetes cluster is by using helm.

the first step is add the helm chart repository to the cluster:

helm repo add inspr

Then install inspr with the command:

helm install inspr_name inspr/insprd

replacing inspr_name by the desired inspr cluster name.

Aditionaly you can check the default values file for the helm chart.
They are included in the build/helm folder and can be edited for further refinement of the properties.


To install the CLI get the latest release for your architecture from the releases page and add it to your PATH.
TODO: Add link to the install script for the CLI.