go-ultra-enum is an enum generator for Go. It is inspired by the powerful enum types found in Java. go-ultra-enum has the following capabilities

  • Reference and compare enums using values
  • Support multi value type, such as int, bool.


From a github release

go get -u github.com/drinks5/go-ultra-enum


To define an enum, create a struct with the suffix Enum. You can define a display value in the struct tag. Adding a hyphen will assign the field name to the display value.

You can then generate the enum as follows.

//go:generate go-ultra-enum -file=$GOFILE

// generate an enum with display values. The display values are used for JSON serialization/deserialization
type ColorEnum struct {
	Red       int `enum:"2"`
	LightBlue int `enum:"1"`

type GeoEnum struct {
	Lat int64 `enum:"2"`
	Lon int64 `enum:"1"`

// generate an enum with default display values. The display values are set to the field names, e.g. `On` and `Off`
type StatusEnum struct {
	On  bool `enum:"true"`
	Off bool `enum:"false"`

// generate an enum with display values and descriptions.
type SushiEnum struct {
	Maki    string `enum:"MAKI,Rice and filling wrapped in seaweed"`
	Temaki  string `enum:"TEMAKI,Hand rolled into a cone shape"`
	Sashimi string `enum:"SASHIMI,Fish or shellfish served alone without rice"`

When a description is defined the json is serialized as follows (not yet implemented)

  "sushi": {
    "name": "SASHIMI",
    "description": "Fish or shellfish served alone without rice"

Consumer api

The generated code would yield the following consumer api

Create an enum value

a := Red // OR var a Color = Red

Create an enum from a factory method

var name Color = NewColor("RED")

Get the display value

var name string = a.Name() // "RED"

Get all display values

var names []string = ColorNames() // []string{"RED", "BLUE"}

Get all values

var values []Color = ColorValues() // []string{Red, Blue}

Pass as an error

Enums implement Error() string which means they can be passed as errors.

var a error = Red


go build main.go
go generate
go test .


make test