An errors package optimized for the pkg/errors package


Download and install

go get


// New Wrapping for errors.New standard library
func New(msg string) error

// Is Wrapping for errors.Is standard library
func Is(err, target error) bool

// As Wrapping for errors.As standard library
func As(err error, target interface{}) bool

// Unwrap Wrapping for errors.Unwrap standard library
func Unwrap(err error) error

// WrapMessage Wrap a new error with message and stack.
func WrapMessage(message string) error

// WrapError Wrap a new error with error and stack.
func WrapError(err error) error

// WithMessage Create a new error with message on top of the original error.
func WithMessage(cause error, message string) error

// WithError Create a new error with error on top of the original error.
func WithError(cause, err error) error

// Cause Recursively find the root cause of the error
func Cause(err error) error

Error Build Mode

error build mode


package main

import (

func main() {
    if err := controller(); err != nil {
        fmt.Printf("%+v\n", err)

func controller() error {
    if err := service(); err != nil {
        return errors.WithMessage(err, "controller failed")
    return nil

func service() error {
    if err := dao(); err != nil {
        return errors.WithError(err, errors.New("service failed"))
    return nil

func dao() error {
    return errors.WrapMessage("dao failed")


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