An espncricinfo wrapper written in go to track scores in real time and in the cmd/cli you can find the Command Line Interface wrapped over this wrapper.

CLI Demo


Choose the match that you want to follow by the match number

Command line flags available are refresh. The default refresh time is 1 second.

Use makefile to build CLI for your desktop.


This will return the available commands for the makefile. The help is self explanatory.

  make [target...]

Useful commands:
  build                          build the binary(binary name- score) in the current working directory
  move                           move to /usr/bin so that you can use this binary anywhere.
  run                            run the CLI

Once you move the binary in your path so that it can be used from anywhere, you can use it like score -refresh 1 . The CLI is in very initial stage and has witnessed just a few hours of code after the idea.