An example of how to use casbin as an RBAC GRPC service with MySQL


Install dependencies

$ go get github.com/casbin/casbin/v2
$ go get github.com/go-sql-driver/mysql
$ go get github.com/casbin/xorm-adapter/v2
$ go get google.golang.org/grpc

Setup infrastructure

$ docker compose up &

Recreating protobuf definition files

If necessary, you can recreate authz’s protobuf definition files using below commands.

$ rm -f proto/authz/authz.pb.go
$ rm -f proto/authz/authz_grpc.pb.go
$ protoc --go_out=. --go_opt=paths=source_relative \
    --go-grpc_out=. --go-grpc_opt=paths=source_relative proto/authz/authz.proto


$ go build server/main.go
$ go build client/verify/main.go
$ go build client/get-roles-for-user/main.go


The RBAC policy is provided programmatically within the newServer function in server/main.go

enforcer.AddPolicy("alice", "data1", "read")
enforcer.AddPolicy("data2_admin", "data2", "read")
enforcer.AddPolicy("data2_admin", "data2", "write")
enforcer.AddGroupingPolicy("alice", "data2_admin")

The definition of each line within the code quote defines that:

  1. alice has read access to data1
  2. data2_admin has read access to data2
  3. data2_admin has write access to data2
  4. alice has data2_admin role



To run the server, execute this following line:

$ go run server/main.go

Verify client

To run the verify client, execute this following line:

$ go run client/verify/main.go <user> <resource> <action>

The following table provides the expected result of go run execution

User Resource Action Result
alice data1 read Access allowed
alice data1 write Access denied
alice data2 read Access allowed
alice data2 write Access allowed
bob data1 read Access denied

Get-roles-for-user client

To run the get-roles-for-user client, execute this following line:

$ go run client/get-roles-for-user/main.go <user>

If you fill the user with alice, it prints data2_admin


$ docker compose down


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