This is an example of implementation of Rental Property Management. The entity relationship are shown below. Screenshot 2022-09-05 at 6 12 00 AM



  • GET “/properties”
  • GET “/properties/:id”
  • POST “/properties”
  • PUT “/properties/:id”
  • POST “/manager”


  • GET “/apartments”
  • GET “/apartments/:id”
  • POST “/apartments”
  • PUT “/apartments/:id”


  • GET “/tenants”
  • GET “/tenants/:id”
  • POST “/tenants”
  • PUT “/tenants/:id”


  • GET “/payments”
  • GET “/payments/:id”
  • GET “/tenant/:id/payments”


  • clone repository
  • change into project directory
  • Run go generate ./ent to generate the models
  • Run go mod tidy to tidy
  • RRun application with go run main.go
  • Run tests withgo test ./... or specific package tests with go test ./property -v


The following needs to be installed to run application

  • install sqlite3 on system, it is needed by dependency (OR OPTIONAL mysql go get


Following the Clean Architecture by Uncle Bob

  • Independent of Frameworks. The architecture does not depend on the existence of some library of feature laden software. This allows you to use such frameworks as tools, rather than having to cram your system into their limited constraints.
  • Testable. The business rules can be tested without the UI, Database, Web Server, or any other external element.
  • Independent of UI. The UI can change easily, without changing the rest of the system. A Web UI could be replaced with a console UI, for example, without changing the business rules.
  • Independent of Database. You can swap out Oracle or SQL Server, for Mongo, BigTable, CouchDB, or something else. Your business rules are not bound to the database.
  • Independent of any external agency. In fact your business rules simply don’t know anything at all about the outside world.

More at

This project has 4 Domain layer :

  • Domain Layer
  • Repository(DB) Layer
  • Usecase(Service) Layer
  • Handler(Controller) Layer

Test Considerations

  • Installed Mockery with brew install mockery
  • Ran mockery --all --inpackage to generate mocks for repo and service
  • To run all tests with go test ./...
  • To run specific test with package name, example go test ./property -v

Scaling Considerations

  • Payment GET API has from_date and to_date which can query with a historical period
  • Payment entity has state processed and unprocessed which maybe updated to indicate payment processing (if applicable)
  • Payment entity has a mapping to Apartment entity with owner_id and Apartment entity has a mapping Property entity so one can query Get Property -> Apartments -> Payments
  • To extend service to get history payments for property, we can build another Payment GET API /property/:id/payments which takes in query params from_date and to_date. In the repo this would make join query to fetch the Apartments for the property id, and get the Payments for each Apartment with the dates sent.


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