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connect-demo is an example RPC service built with connect-go. Its API is defined by a Protocol Buffer schema, and the service supports the gRPC, gRPC-Web, and Connect protocols.

The service emulates the DOCTOR script written for Joseph Weizenbaum’s 1966 ELIZA natural language processing system. It responds to your statements as a stereotypical psychotherapist might; since the original program was a demonstration of the superficiality of human-computer communication, the therapy is not very convincing.

For more on Connect, see the announcement blog post, the documentation on, or the connect-go repo.


The service is running on To make an RPC with cURL, using the Connect protocol:

curl --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
    --data '{"sentence": "I feel happy."}' \

To make the same RPC, but using grpcurl and the gRPC protocol:

grpcurl \
    -d '{"sentence": "I feel happy."}' \ \


Offered under the Apache 2 license.


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