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An extensive Philips Hue client library for Go with an emphasis on simplicity. It is designed to be clean, unbloated and extensible. With Huego you can interact with any Philips Hue bridge and its resources including Lights, Groups, Scenes, Sensors, Rules, Schedules, Resourcelinks, Capabilities and Configuration .


Get the package and import it in your code.

go get

You may use New() if you have already created an user and know the IP address to your bridge.

package main

import (

func main() {
  bridge := huego.New("", "username")
  l, err := bridge.GetLights()
  if err != nil {
  fmt.Printf("Found %d lights", len(l))

Or discover a bridge on your network with Discover() and create a new user with CreateUser(). To successfully create a user, the link button on your bridge must have been pressed before calling CreateUser() in order to authorise the request.

func main() {
  bridge, _ := huego.Discover()
  user, _ := bridge.CreateUser("my awesome hue app") // Link button needs to be pressed
  bridge = bridge.Login(user)
  light, _ := bridge.GetLight(3)


See for the full package documentation.


All help in any form is highly appreciated and your are welcome participate in developing Huego together. To contribute submit a Pull Request. If you want to provide feedback, open up a Github Issue or contact me personally.