(WIP) puffy

Puffy is an extremely simple unixway GitHub webhook listener and handler for push events


  • Add payload signature validation (WIP)


  • golang


Simply run install.sh script to install puffy. The script will:

  • Build puffy binary and move it to /usr/bin/puffy
  • Create puffy directory at /etc/ and copy its config file to it
  • Copy puffy.service to /etc/systemd/system/ directory


1: Configuration

First you need to configure puffy. Configuration file is in TOML, so, primarily get acquainted with toml specification

Open /etc/puffy/config.toml (this is where it is located by default) with your favourite text editor:

host = ""  # optional
port = 8080
endpoint = "/"  # optional

name = "username/repo-name"
secret = "my super secret"
exec = "/usr/bin/touch /root/hewwo-cutie^^"

name = "username/repo-name"
secret = "qwerty12345"
exec = "/home/user/scripts/script.sh"

Edit fields as you want! A new repository can be added under [[repo]] line. Please be sure to indicate name, secret and exec fields.

Also note, that after every configuration edits you need to restart puffy

2: Running with systemd

When everything is set up, it’s time to use the program what it is for was made. Puffy is in general meant to be used as a systemd service.

At first start it:

sudo systemctl start puffy.service

You can check its status if you want to make sure everything’s fine:

systemctl status puffy.service

And after that, you probably would like to enable it, so that it starts with the start of the server

sudo systemctl enable puffy.service

3: Uninstalling

puffy can be easily uninstalled via uninstall.sh script. Just run it.