Data Migration Platform

DM is an integrated platform, supports migrating data from MySQL/MariaDB to TiDB.


To check the source code, run test cases and build binaries, you can simply run:

make build

If you only want to build binaries, you can run:

make dm-worker  # build DM-worker

make dm-master  # build DM-master

make dmctl      # build dmctl

When DM is built successfully, you can find binaries in the bin directory.


  • The best way to install DM is via DM-Ansible
  • deploy DM manually
    # Download the DM package.
    # Check the file integrity. If the result is OK, the file is correct.
    sha256sum -c dm-latest-linux-amd64.sha256
    # Extract the package.
    tar -xzf dm-latest-linux-amd64.tar.gz
    cd dm-latest-linux-amd64

Config File

  • all sample config files can be found in directory conf of dm tarball
  • sample config file of dm-master: bin/dm-master -print-sample-config
  • sample config file of dm-worker: bin/dm-worker -print-sample-config