An interactive CLI management tool for Hashicorp’s Nomad


Nomad has a great CLI tool with a lot of features, but copy/pasting IDs around
and wanting to see steady updates among multiple objects can be tricky. There
are also great web UIs for working with Nomad, but these have overhead in setup.
There is room for a middle ground for quick debugging/troubleshooting on the
command line, similar to a tool like k9s.

Enter Khan!


Khan uses the default Nomad configuration variables.

Developer Requirements

The following are required as global installs for development:

  • Python 3 (standard install for Linux/Mac should be fine)
  • Go 1.17+ (goenv is recommended)
  • Make (probably already installed)

Other tools will be handled automatically by the Makefile. These tools will be
downloaded locally to the ./bin folder. For ease of use, you may want to use
direnv with the supplied .envrc.example
file to add this local path to your bin, so you can run these tools as if they
were globally installed.

Running a Nomad test server

Any Nomad server can be used for testing, but for simplicity and self-contained
development a quick development server can be brought up with
make nomad-test-server in another terminal. This will start a Nomad agent in
dev mode which brings up the server and a single client, itself.

More complicated setups will be added later via Vagrant, but this is enough for
a starting point.


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