Visp is an interactive console client for Spotify, written in Go. Its interface is similar to Vim, and aims to be fast, configurable, and practical. Visp means whisk, and just like the simple mechanical tool it makes it easy to create that smooth and perfect mixture through the power of manual control, and without any unfortunate lumps.

This interface has many features that involve sorting, searching, and navigating. It’s designed to let you navigate your music collection effectively and efficiently.

This project is a fork of Practical Music Search and contains a lot of the same functionality, but is geared towards Spotify instead of Music Player Daemon. Visp was born due to significant differences between the Spotify and MPD APIs. Also, forking the project is a convenient opportunity to depart from the unfortunate acronym PMS.

Among currently implemented features are:

  • Looks and feels like Vim!
  • Can be configured to consume a very small amount of screen space.
  • Control playback by playing or adding tracks or sets of tracks.
  • A fully customizable layout, including player status, tag headers, text styles, colors, and keyboard bindings.
  • Full access to all your private and public Spotify playlists and liked songs.
  • Many forms of tracklist manipulation, such as select, cut, copy, paste, filter, sort, etc.
  • Text configuration files, tab completion, history, and much more!