Inventory 📦

An inventory service for managing farming vehicles, equipment, and resources.


What is this?

  • A REST API for managing farm inventory via HTTP requests
  • A gRPC Service for managing farm inventory via RPC requests
  • A CLI for managing farm inventory

The inventory service enables users to keep track of farm inventory across multiple IoT devices, servers, applications, or databases. This service provides a foundational interface for inventory management and interaction.


/cmd/inventory # http api server
/cmd/inventoryctl # cli tool for service administration
/config # default application configurations
/ent # database models, migrations, and drivers
/ent/schemas # editable database models
/internal/settings # settings package to read in application configs

Quickstart ⚡

Deploy on Railway

You can either install inventory directly with go, build the project from source, or download a binary from the latest release

Docker Compose

# Start the database and API via docker-compose
docker-compose up

# List the vehicles
http :8000/v1/vehicles

Install with go install

# Install the server
go install[email protected]

# Install the admin cli
go install[email protected]

Start the service 🏃

Start the service directly with the binary or run it containerized with Docker.

# Run the inventory service

# Build the docker image
docker build -t <your-docker-image-name> .

# Run the docker image, exposing the service
docker run --rm -v ./config:/data/config -p 8000:8000 <your-docker-image-name>

Manage the inventory database with the inventoryctl CLI

# Start the postgres database
docker-compose up

# Run the inventoryctl cli to perform database migrations
inventoryctl --help
inventoryctl migrate

Generate code and build from source 🏗️

Generate the service code, openapi spec, and build from source

make init
make generate
make test
make build


View the openapi specification

View the protobuf schemas and services


View Github