An offline CLI dictionary written in go, using data from wiktionary.



From release:

# Download latest binaries
curl -LO
curl -LO

mkdir -p ~/.local/bin # create folder
install -m 755 gdict ~/.local/bin # install program to ~/.local/bin
./install # run the install script

From source:

Clone the Repository:

$ git clone
$ cd gdict

Build and install:

$ make install

gdict will be installed in ~/.local/bin and the sqlite database will be created in ~/.local/share/gdict


Make sure ~/.local/bin is in $PATH. Additionaly, your system may not have a default pager. You may have to add the following lines to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile:

export PATH="$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH" # add ~/.local/bin to path
export PAGER="less -R" # Set less as the default pager
export LESSCHARSET=utf-8 # Enable unicode


The Go compiler is required to build this program. Make sure you have go version 1.18 or newer. You can install it from Go’s official website

Usage of gdict:

options Description
-w [WORD] search word in dictionary
-p [part of speech] specify part of speech
-l [lang] specify language

Available languages:

ISO 639‑1 Full name
en English
ar Arabic
da Danish
de German
es Spanish
fi Finnish
fr French
hi Hindi
is Icelandic
it Italian
ja Japanese
la Latin
no Norwegian
nb Norwegian bokmål
nn Norwegian nynorsk
nl Dutch
pl Polish
pt Portuguese
ru Russian
se Northern sami
sv Swedish
ur Urdu
te Telugu
zh Chinese

See also

  • Tatu Ylonen’s Wiktextract: A utility for extracting data from wiktionary. The lexical data used by gdict comes from dumps provided by Ylonen on
  • The first version of this software written in python
  • BetaPictoris`s dict: another command line dictionary
  • wordnet: A large lexical database of glosses and synonyms


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