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Gokkan is an online shop backend service written in Go.



# or docker-compose up
make up

Gokkan requires postgresql as database. You can use docker-compose to get an instance up and running.

Note the default settings in internal/app/gokkan/config/default.go when connecting to the database.

A pgAdmin instance is also inside docker-compsoe. you can use localhost:8000 to check database with pgAdmin


Clone the repository inside a folder outside of GOPATH

git clone
cd gokkan
make build

# important before running the application
# please make sure that postgres is up and running
# before running migrates
make migrate-up

aAfter that you can use gokkan binary to run the server. Use gokkan -h to see available commands. currently available commands are:

  ./gokkan server      # start the server

To clear database after tests run

make migrate-reset


Echo server will start listening on port 8080 by default.

A Postman Collection file is provided to describe API behaviour