What is Rama?

Rama is an open source container networking solution, integrated with Kubernetes and used officially by following well-known PaaS platforms,

  • OECP of Alibaba Cloud
  • SOFAStack of Ant Financial Co.

Rama focus on large-scale, user-friendly and heterogeneous infrastructure, now hundreds of clusters are running on rama all over world.


  • Flexible network models: three-level, Network, Subnet and IPInstance, all implemented in CRD
  • DualStack: three modes optional, IPv4Only, IPv6Only and DualStack
  • Hybrid network fabric: support overlay and underlay pods at same time
  • Advanced IPAM: Network/Subnet/IPInstance assignment; stateful workloads IP retain
  • Kube-proxy friendly: working well with iptables-mode kube-proxy
  • ARM support: run on x86_64 and arm64 architectures


Rama welcome contributions, including bug reports, feature requests and documentation improvements. If you want to contribute, please start with CONTRIBUTING.md


For any questions about rama, please reach us via:

  • Slack: #general on the rama slack
  • DingTalk: Group No.35109308
  • E-mail: private or security issues should be reported via e-mail addresses listed in the MAINTAINERS file


Apache 2.0 License