Continuous profiling platform — find bottlenecks in your code!

Pyroscope is an open source continuous profiling platform. It will help you:

  • Find bottlenecks in your code
  • Resolve issues with high CPU utilization
  • Understand the call tree of your application
  • Track changes over time

It is currently in active development and is a little rough around the edges. Give it a try and join our Slack — we'd love to get some feedback and/or help you get started.

Live Demo



  • Can store years of profiling data from multiple applications
  • You can look at years of data at a time or zoom in on specific events
  • Low CPU overhead
  • Efficient compression, low disk space requirements
  • Snappy UI



You can download the latest version of pyroscope for macOS, linux and Docker from our Downloads page.

Supported Integrations

  • [x] ruby
  • [x] python
  • [x] golang
  • [ ] linux eBPF (coming soon)