A simple cli tool to install SCP:SL, the Synapse modloader, plugins and dependencies all from the same location.


Grab yourself a binary from the releases tab.

Alternatively, you can build and install this yourself by running: go install[email protected] Note: Building yourself requires Go installed on your machine.


In order to download SCP:SL using -install-game, steamcmd is required to be in your path.

To extract Synapse and its plugins, a zip tool with cli support must be installed. On linux we use to unzip, on Windows 7za. If you want to use a different cli tool to unpack the .zip files, you may use the -unzip-cmd and -unzip-args switches.


To run SynapseInstaller interactively, just launch the executable. NOTE: Interactive mode is currently being worked on. If you want to use SynapseInstaller from a script, you may do so by passing flags. The following flags are recognized:

        Runs the installer in scripted mode, using the parameters specified by these flags.
        In interactive mode these flags will merely determine the recommended action to the user.
    -binaries <string>
        This is where SynapseInstaller will look for the game files. Required to install and/or update Synapse.
        If you install the game using "-install-game", this is where it'll be installed to.
        Defaults to "./SCPSL_DEDICATEDSERVER/"
    -files <string>
        This is where your local Synapse configs are stored - please point this to the PARENT directory.
        Example: On Linux, Synapse gets loaded from "~/.config/Synapse". Please set this to "~/.config/".
        Defaults to its respective folders on Windows and Linux.
        When passed, this will install/update SCP:SL in the location specified by "-binaries"
        Requires SteamCMD to be in your PATH.
        When passed, this will install/update Synapse.
        When passed, this will set the installer to scripted mode.
    -synapsezip <string>
        When passed, instead of downloading from our CDN we will use the .zip provided.
        When passed, this will be passed to the specified unzip-cmd.
        This will only be passed if a custom unzip command was passed at all.
        NOTE: We auto-append the file name in question as its last argument.
    -unzip-cmd <string>
        When passed, this is the command that will be run to unzip the downloaded .zip files
    -verbosity <int>
        Determines how verbose logging should be. The higher the int, the less logs will be generated.
        Log Level 0:  Debug
        Log Level 1:  Info, Output
        Log Level 2:  Warn, OK
        Log Level 3:  Error
        Log Level >3: Only fatal errors.
        Disables ANSI escape codes and Unicode in output. Useful for older consoles that do not support it.

Platform specific notes:


SteamCMD and unzip should be in your path. SteamCMD is required for installing the game, and unzip is required for extracting Synapse and plugins. If unzip is not available to you, you can use the -unzip-cmd and -unzip-args switches.


On Windows, you need to run SynapseInstaller from the disk where both game files and config files are stored. Usually this should be your C:\ drive. If this is not possible, you’ll probably need to install Synapse by hand. Don’t worry, it’s not hard either! Check out the [installation guide]( and you’ll be good to go in no time!

Honorable mentions

AlmightyLks has approved this project. Partially because he’s affiliated with it. Developed with <3 by cubuzz. Part of the Synapse Modloader Project.


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