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PLEASE READ: This project is NOT ready to be used. This alert will be removed when that changes.

Link is an open source messaging platform designed for incarcerated people and their support network. Link is designed to be easy to set up, to use and to maintain.

We, the Open Justice Initiative, believe that it is imperative to create a free means of communication for incarcerated people and their support network to reduce recidivism and to improve our communities. We aim to accomplish this by releasing open source software with a focus on affordability and ease-of-use, giving prison facilities and/or Department of Corrections the ability to integrate our software into their system at the lowest possible costs, easing the burden on facilities and tax-payers.

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  • Mage
  • golang-migrate
  • PostgreSQL

Running (For Developers)

Try mage to see all of the current options.

To begin, create a .env file in the root directory of this project. You can view .env.example for all the environment variables you will need.


Create a postgres database and put the credentials in your .env.

$ mage runMigrations

more coming soon…


The Open Justice Initiative can only thrive with help from members of the open source community who resonate with our mission. If you would like to contribute, please get in touch!

Also, consider joining our Discord (


Need help or have questions? Contact us!

[email protected]


This project uses the GPL 3.0 license. Please see LICENSE for more details.


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