Kubernetes-Native OpenStack

A Sandbox Project.

Have you used OpenStack before? If so, then for you KupenStack is magic✨ that lets you use OpenStack with kubectl utility. This is all you need to know as a novice👤 getting started.


KupenStack is an open-source project for managing OpenStack resources and OpenStack infrastructure in a Kubernetes cluster.

It provides CRDs to declaratively deploy, manage, and scale OpenStack resources in a Kubernetes cluster. While it also provides an operator to lcm a self-managed OpenStack cluster alongside the Kubernetes cluster.

First look 20 min hands-on🙌

Try KupenStack right now with our ☕ quickstart tutorial. You need a laptop💻 with docker🐳 & 12Gb memory.



Be our Angel👼

KupenStack is a community-driven project and we welcome you to participate and contribute at your flexibility. Please see our contributing guidelines to get started.

Get Involved​ ​​

If you have any questions, please reach out to us one way or another:

We are keen to have any kind of contributions from you😇, even your 10 minutes of participation a week can help us build a better OpenStack for everyone.

We value your views and requirements.

Report a Bug/Feature request

For filing bugs, suggesting improvements, or requesting new features, please open an issue.

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