This is an open source Spotify song ripping application written in Golang. It
works with both Spotify free and premium accounts. It can download individual
tracks, albums, or entire artist discographies. It downloads the audio files
served by Spotify’s servers and does not work by recording audio outputs.


Use of this tool may result in your account getting banned by Spotify.
Please do not use it on accounts you have spent any money on. I am not
liable for how you use this tool in any way. From my experience using this
tool, I have observed that Spotify has rate limiting measures and must have
some idea of what is going on.


At least Go 1.11 to allow for module support.


spotify --username [email protected] --password password `
--tracks 4eJPzDcuWmXMedrwAbUeCt

Additional Note on Search

To prevent yourself from generating a “suspicious” amount of logins from this
tool, you may want to use the search interface available at Spotify. Simply
right click the album, track, or artist you wish to download and click Share,
Copy Song Link.