Let’s Go OS

This is a little experiment I did for myself where I tried to make an OS in the
Go programming language.


The goal is not to create a “fully” functional operating system (whatever this means).
I only want to implement a FAT32-filesystem and use that. I did one once (in C) but I
cannot continue working on that one and implementing a filesystem for Linux is boring
so I wrote my own OS for this. Also for a long time I wanted to start learning Go.

Why Go?

Go is not really designed to be used to write an operating system with it. But it is
still possoble, so why not do it? I just did not want to use C. The alternative would have been Rust but Rust is designed to be also used as a programming language for operating systems so Go is more a challange and thus more interesting. Still I plan to use Rust in my userspace.

Inspirations used for this projects


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