An rsync wrapper with snapshot support for ZFS and BTRFS

fsclone uses rsync to create exact clone of a directory. It was mainly designed to clone the / partition to another directory for backup (https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Rsync).

The rsync options used are progress, archive, update, delete, xattrs, hard-links, sparse exclude: /dev/* /proc/* /sys/* /tmp/* /run/* /mnt/* /media/* /lost+found

Furthermore, it supports taking snapshots in ZFS, BTRFS. The idea is to keep a snapshots of the backup filesystem for upto a week. The snapshots are taken after the cloning has been made. To take snapshots, the standard zfs and btrfs commands are used.

For example, this is the snapshots of my system

zfspool                         151G   748G       26K  /mnt/zfspool
zfspool/rhel-bak                109G   748G     98.3G  /mnt/zfspool/rhel-bak
zfspool/[email protected]  2.26G      -     96.2G  -
zfspool/[email protected]   958M      -     96.1G  -
zfspool/[email protected]   908M      -     96.2G  -
zfspool/[email protected]   742M      -     98.2G  -
zfspool/[email protected]   768M      -     98.1G  -
zfspool/[email protected]  1.13G      -     98.3G  -
zfspool/[email protected]     0B      -     98.3G  -


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