This is an sdwan API client writting in golang
Its use to fetch devices states , ipsec and many more only for sdwan Viptela

  • This app is still under devellopement.

How to use it…
Need golang install
Go mod init to get the packages used here..
run the app give your vManager user name and password and u will get a menu to start making API calls.

menu = `

	1 - For all devices in the sdwan Fabrc
	2 - For all Devices Inventory 
	3 - For Control connections per system-ip
	4 - For Feature Templates
	5 - For ipsec outboud connections per system-ip
	6 - For BFD sessuion history per sys-ip 
	7 - For BFD session history Edge to Edges sys-ip required
	8 - For BFD session history between Edges sys-ip and tloc colour required
	9 - For BFD session tlocs sysIP required
	0 - To quit the program 

Building Executables for Different Architectures

The go build command lets you build an executable file for any Go-supported target platform, on your platform. This means you can test, release and distribute your application without building those executables on the target platforms you wish to use.

Cross-compiling works by setting required environment variables that specify the target operating system and architecture. We use the variable GOOS for the target operating system, and GOARCH for the target architecture. To build an executable, the command would take this form:

env GOOS=target-OS GOARCH=target-architecture go build package-import-path

The env command runs a program in a modified environment. This lets you use environment variables for the current command execution only. The variables are unset or reset after the command executes.

The following table shows the possible combinations of GOOS and GOARCH you can use:
GOOS – Target Operating System GOARCH – Target Platform
android arm
darwin 386
darwin amd64
darwin arm
darwin arm64
dragonfly amd64
freebsd 386
freebsd amd64
freebsd arm
linux 386
linux amd64
linux arm
linux arm64
linux ppc64
linux ppc64le
linux mips
linux mipsle
linux mips64
linux mips64le
netbsd 386
netbsd amd64
netbsd arm
openbsd 386
openbsd amd64
openbsd arm
plan9 386
plan9 amd64
solaris amd64
windows 386
windows amd64

Warning: Cross-compiling executables for Android requires the Android NDK, and some additional setup which is beyond the scope of this tutorial.

Using the values in the table, we can build Caddy for Windows 64-bit like this:

env GOOS=windows GOARCH=amd64 go build  -o appname.exe

or download the repository and run : 

cd sdwan 
GOOS=windows GOARCH=386 go build -o appname.exe main.go

Once again, no output indicates that the operation was successful. The executable will be created in the current directory, using the package name as its name. However, since we built this executable for Windows, the name ends with the suffix .exe.

You should have appname.exe file in your current directory, which you can verify with the ls or dir command.

dir   appname.exe


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