STC – Syncthing Cli

This is an unofficial command line tool for Syncthing. Stc can be used to quicky check status of Syncthing from a terminal / command line without need of a Web Browser. For example on a remote machine over ssh, without port forwarding or if you have large number of machines to query.


The tool by default connects to however you can target different machines by using --target= flag.

You have to specify API Key by using --api_key= flag. The API Key can be obtained from the GUI or config.xml (grep apikey config.xml).

In the current version stc will display folder and device status information.


  --api_key   - Syncthing api key
  --target    - URL of the Syncthing target


  • Copyright 2022 Google LLC
  • Licensed under Apache 2.0
  • This is not an official Google product


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