Thuja: a WIP Christian anonymous image board

Thuja is an imageboard made in Go with zero javascript, zero SQL(instead using a key-value database), and has a built in NSFW filter. This project is very WIP and is currently missing certain features that i hope to add in the future. There currently aren’t any public instances, but I will run an instance on my server once I write a couple of things (specifically some moderation tools).


run git clone && cd thuja && go build .


There are several flags to be defined, run thuja –help for more info. Here’s an example that can be done directly after building thuja: ./thuja -nsfw=0 -db=my.db -port=:8080 -staticdir=./public Note that you’ll likely have to edit ./public/index.html if you deviate from standard config Note that thuja should be run behind a reverse proxy with the X-Forwarded-For header defined for rate limiting to work properly. I personally use relayd for this purpose, but other reverse proxies such as Nginx work fine too. A reverse proxy is also required for tls support.


This project is licensed under ISC, which is legally very similar to MIT or BSD-2

Some features to expect in the future

  • Performance and Concurrency improvements
  • Possibly markdown support
  • Moderation tools


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