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mANSI has some basic definitions for ANSI Escape Codes


  • Defined constants for ANSI escape sequences
  • Helper functions for ANSI sequences with parameters
  • Support for Linux/BSD, MacOS and Windows 10+.


Import mansi into your golang project and embed provided ANSI escape sequences into your code output.

import ""


package main

import (


func main() {
	fmt.Println(mansi.ColorBold+mansi.ColorTextBrightWhite, "Example Table", mansi.ResetColor)

	if !mansi.IsTerminal() {
		fmt.Println("Is terminal available?")

	fmt.Println(mansi.ColorTextBrightYellow, "Bright Yellow", mansi.ColorTextBrightGreen, "Bright Green", mansi.ColorTextBrightBlue, "Bright Blue", mansi.ResetColor, mansi.ColorTextBlack)
	fmt.Println(mansi.ColorBackgroundYellow, "       Yellow", mansi.ColorBackgroundGreen, "       Green", mansi.ColorBackgroundBlue, "       Blue", mansi.ResetColor, mansi.ColorTextBrightWhite)
	fmt.Println(mansi.ColorBackgroundRed, "          Red", mansi.ColorBackgroundMagenta, "     Magenta", mansi.ColorBackgroundCyan, "       Cyan", mansi.ResetColor)

Development Status: In active development

All APIs are in active development and not finalized, and breaking changes will be made in the 0.x series.


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