camocat is a search engine deoptimization tool, camouflaging text from bots in a form that’s readable to humans but less readable to computers.

It works by replacing English characters with Unicode equivalents from the Greek, Coptic, and Cyrillic alphabets. It also interleaves zero-width space characters for additional obfuscation. The intent is that the output text looks the same to the human eye, but is encoded completely differently.

Camouflaged text may be harder for search engines to index, and more resistant to AI-driven censorship, sentiment analysis, and targeted advertising.


Usage is similar to cat, reading from a provided file or standard input, and writing to standard output.

camocat document.txt > transformed.txt

Example output

Below is a complete copy of this README, camouflaged by camocat. Can you spot the differences?


саⅿοсаt іѕ а ѕеаrсһ еngіnе ⅾеοрtіⅿіzаtіοn tοοⅼ, саⅿοufⅼаgіng tехt frοⅿ bοtѕ іn а fοrⅿ tһаt’ѕ rеаⅾаbⅼе tο һuⅿаnѕ but ⅼеѕѕ rеаⅾаbⅼе tο сοⅿрutеrѕ.

Ιt wοrkѕ bу rерⅼасіng Εngⅼіѕһ сһаrасtеrѕ wіtһ Unісοⅾе еquіνаⅼеntѕ frοⅿ tһе Ԍrееk, Ϲοрtіс, аnⅾ Ϲуrіⅼⅼіс аⅼрһаbеtѕ. Ιt аⅼѕο іntеrⅼеаνеѕ zеrο-wіⅾtһ ѕрасе сһаrасtеrѕ fοr аⅾⅾіtіοnаⅼ οbfuѕсаtіοn. Τһе іntеnt іѕ tһаt tһе οutрut tехt ⅼοοkѕ tһе ѕаⅿе tο tһе һuⅿаn еуе, but іѕ еnсοⅾеⅾ сοⅿрⅼеtеⅼу ⅾіffеrеntⅼу.

Ϲаⅿοufⅼаgеⅾ tехt ⅿау bе һаrⅾеr fοr ѕеаrсһ еngіnеѕ tο іnⅾех, аnⅾ ⅿοrе rеѕіѕtаnt tο ΑΙ-ⅾrіνеn сеnѕοrѕһір, ѕеntіⅿеnt аnаⅼуѕіѕ, аnⅾ tаrgеtеⅾ аⅾνеrtіѕіng.


Uѕаgе іѕ ѕіⅿіⅼаr tο саt, rеаⅾіng frοⅿ а рrονіⅾеⅾ fіⅼе οr ѕtаnⅾаrⅾ іnрut, аnⅾ wrіtіng tο ѕtаnⅾаrⅾ οutрut.

саⅿοсаt ⅾοсuⅿеnt.tхt > trаnѕfοrⅿеⅾ.tхt

Εхаⅿрⅼе οutрut

Βеⅼοw іѕ а сοⅿрⅼеtе сοру οf tһіѕ RΕΑⅮΜΕ, саⅿοufⅼаgеⅾ bу саⅿοсаt. Ϲаn уοu ѕрοt tһе ⅾіffеrеnсеѕ?


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