1. deployment the master ,worker moudle
  2. scale the pods numbers with one commond
  3. update the master,worker version quickly (not include the sql)

Project Status

Project status: ‘alpha1’

Current API version: v1alpha1


go version : go1.17.6

minikube version: v1.25.1

kubebuilder version: 3.3.0

kubectl version: 1.23.1

Get Started

  1. create namespace ds

    kubectl create namespace ds

  2. install postgres (not required)

    if had no postgressql ,you can turn into config/ds/ and run “kubectl apply -f postgreSQL/” ,but you need to replace your local document to hostPath.path in postgres-pv.yaml first

    connect to postgressql and run the sql script in dolphinscheduler/dolphinscheduler-dao/resources/sql

    record the deployment ip eg:


  1. install zookeeper(not required)

    if had no zookeeper ,the doployment file is in config/ds/zookeeper ,run “kubectl apply -f zookeeper/” and record the ip ,eg :

  2. create pv and pvc (not required)

    if you had pv and pvc ,you can config it in config/sameples

    or you can create it with config/ds/ds-pv.yaml and config/configmap/ds-pvc.yaml .notice to replace your local document address in hostPath.path in ds-pv.yaml

    and you can mount the lib in dolphinscheduler /opt/soft in config/samples/ds_v1alpha1_dsworker.yaml with paramter named lib_pvc_name

    mount the logs in /opt/dolphinscheduler/logs with the paramters named log_pvc_name with pvcname

how to test

  • replace the database config and zookeeper config paramters in config/samples/*.yaml

  • replace the nodeport in config/samples/ds_v1alpha1_api.yaml

  • in current project run “make build && make manifests && make install && make run”

  • cd to config/samples

  • first run “kubectl apply -f ds_v1alpha1_dsalert.yaml “

  • then run “kubectl apply -f ds_v1alpha1_api.yaml -f ds_v1alpha1_dsmaster.yaml -f ds_v1alpha1_dsworker.yaml “

the result



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