API middleware for hasCorp’s online learning platform

Running locally

Use docker compose to start. The .local compose file creates and inserts dummy data into the Cassandra instance.

docker compose -f ./docker-compose.local.yml up --build --force-recreate

Clean up the docker network:

docker compose down


Simply done with:

go build .

Or, you can build the docker image by itself:

docker build -t hascorp/hasuniversity -f Dockerfile .


Recommended to run with docker compose, though it is possible to run locally:

go run ./main.go


Unit tests can be run by executing:

go test -v ./...

The API is exposed to port :8200, so you can curl it:

# ping healthcheck endpoint
curl localhost:8200/

# add a flashcard set to the Cassandra database
curl localhost:8200/flashcard/ -d '{"author": "Murat Piker", "name": "Being a Gigachad", "tags": ["Murat"], "cards": [{"front": "engineer", "back": "NODDERS"}, {"front": "twitch streamer", "back": "NOPERS"}]}'


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