API Eventos


This API is responsible to provide a RESTFUL interface to do a facade between a broker and the producers. For this example, we will use as broker Kafka and we use Golang as a programming language.



API Eventos uses only Golang but we will specify the most important libs:

  • github.com/gin-gonic/gin -> Used to create the web server facilities
  • github.com/segmentio/kafka-go -> Used to communicate with Kafka
  • context -> Used to capture the background context of the application
  • encoding/json -> Used to encode my struct to json format as byte array


To run this application you only have to open your terminal, go for the project directory and put this command: “go run .”


This project was my initiative Gabriel Araujo Dantas a brazilian Computer Engineer and my collegue Lucas Henrique A. de Paula a brazilian Computer Scientist.


We will develop the devops part yet.


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