Triangula API server

Minimalistic API server that calculates and serves artistic images using triangula


Download repository:

git clone

Install dependencies:

go install

Create .env file:

cp .env.example .env


go run server.go


There are 3 Endpoints:

  • GET / List all available images
  • POST / Add new image for processing
  • GET /x23bxg2... Download image


Example response:

		"Name": "fVV2b_gJlQt_v8Z6pSqPiw.svg",
		"Hash": "fVV2b_gJlQt_v8Z6pSqPiw",
		"Processed": true,
		"CallbackUrl": "",
		"CreatedAt": 1641653220,
		"Settings": {}
		"Name": "eJ5nnzw2xMZqmG8zWkPLzA.svg",
		"Hash": "eJ5nnzw2xMZqmG8zWkPLzA",
		"Processed": true,
		"CallbackUrl": "",
		"CreatedAt": 1641653265,
		"Settings": {}


Expects a multipart/form-data post. Fieldnames:

Field name required description
file yes The image to process
callbackUrl no The url that should be notified after successfull processing
hash no The md5 hash of the image. This can speed up the process since duplicate files are recognized
settings[points] no 300
settings[shape] no “triangles”
settings[mutations] no 2
settings[variation] no 0.3
settings[population] no 400
settings[cache] no 22
settings[block] no 5
settings[cutoff] no 1
settings[reps] no 100
settings[threads] no 0

Example response:

	"hash": "ZGDvaGMO54jx1oENQsSumQ",
	"message": "File queued"


To get the svg, just query the image using the hash:



Add the api key defined in the .env file to every request. The header name is X-API-KEY HTTP header in every request

> GET / HTTP/1.1
> Host:
> X-API-KEY: D78i1FbsOTOFRyhMjEoa
> Accept: */*

< HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Clean up

The environment variable EXPIRATION defines how long images are kept in seconds.


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