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API wrapper over high-load TON wallet smart contract. Can be useful for cryptocurrency exchanges or any services where mass payments in TON coins are required.

Getting started

First, you need to compile the FunC and Fift needed to create the wallet and interact with it. The easiest way to do this is to install mytonctrl in lite mode from https://github.com/igroman787/mytonctrl

Fift will be built automatically after mytonctrl installation. Now do the following to build the FunC:

  • cd /usr/bin/ton/
  • make func

Create the first highload TON wallet

  • go to highload-wallet-api directory
  • cd contract
  • ./wallet.sh

Get the wallet address from contract/generated/wallet-info.txt and send some TON coins to it(0.1 TON will be enough)

Activate your wallet. You will need to specify the jsonRPC url, you can use public url depending on the type of network or your own local TON blockchain jsonRPC.

Mainnet: https://toncenter.com/api/v2/jsonRPC
Testnet: https://testnet.toncenter.com/api/v2/jsonRPC

  • apt install curl
  • ./activate-wallet.sh https://toncenter.com/api/v2/jsonRPC

Build the server

  • go to project root directory
  • go build

Create config.json in the project root directory

    "server": {
        "host": "",
        "port": "8080",
        "prefork": true
    "ton_net": {
        "json_rpc_url": "https://toncenter.com/api/v2/jsonRPC"
    "fift": {
        "path": "/usr/src/ton/crypto/fift/lib:/usr/src/ton/crypto/smartcont",
        "binary": "/usr/bin/ton/crypto/fift"
    "contract": {
        "new_order_fif": "contract/new-order.fif"
    "temp_path": {
        "orders": "temp/orders",
        "bocs": "temp/bocs"
    "wallet": {
        "path": "contract/generated",
        "name": "new-wallet",
        "subwallet_id": "1"

Run the server:

  • ./highload-wallet-api

Send POST request to /transfer endpoint with JSON data:

  • transfer_tasks: array; length must be <= 100 elements
    • dest_address: TON base64 address
    • amount_ton: amount in TON format
    • msg: transaction comment; must be between 0 and 123 characters long

Example JSON in POST request:

  "transfer_tasks": [
      "dest_address": "EQCD39VS5jcptHL8vMjEXrzGaRcCVYto7HUn4bpAOg8xqB2N",
      "amount_ton": "0.0001",
      "msg": "test"

API Errors

Possible errors can be found here: src/api/errors.go


Validating parameters

This API is designed to work locally in your infrastructure. You must validate all parameters reliably before sending them to highload-wallet-api


For stable operation of API, we recommend using your own instance of ton full node with a local JSON RPC server.
Learn more in the mytonctrl documentation about it.

Source code

You can always get the source code from the github repository page:

High-load wallet smart contract

The repository includes TON smart contract from:


GPL-3.0 License

The original license text can be obtained in the “LICENSE” file


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