Build images for apk-based distributions declaratively!


When maintaining images at scale, the Dockerfile concept built into
Docker is inefficient. If we have a collection of build artifacts,
repositories and a keyring, we can build images directly with APK,
and upload them directly to container registries.

In fact, we can do more than that: using a service like kontain.me,
we can serve fresh container images on demand, with the latest package
updates, using nothing but declarative configuration.


This part is very much a work in progress, but basically you need
a system with apk (soon: libapk), and this apko tool. You
probably also want the other Chainguard stack components as well,
e.g. crane.

To build an image, use the apko build command:

# apko build config.yaml tag output.tar

This will give you a Docker-style tarball which you can use with
docker load:

# docker load < output.tar

You need root, or at least fakeroot + fakechroot to build images
with apko, due to apk-tools’ use of chroot(2).


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