❔ What is this?

K4Prox is a desktop application, for managing Kubernetes installations in Proxmox VE. The application automates creating a high available multi-node Kubernetes cluster (tested on Proxmox 7.2-7).

What does the K4Prox under the hood?

  • Generates the best possible default project for your environment
    • checks used vmid’s in your proxmox to find the first free 20 id’s range, starts from number round to 10 ex. 120, 400, 500 for the first node
    • determines automatically your network settings, like Gateway, Subnet mask and DNS server address
    • try to figure out the IP range for VMs and load balancer, uses ping application on your host – it’s not guaranteed IP availability due to some devices on your network can have disabled ICMP protocol
  • Create and configure VMs using Proxmox API and SSH
  • Uses Ubuntu Cloud image + Cloud-Init as VM’s OS
  • Installs MicroK8s using snap
  • Configure MicroK8s via SSH (installing addons, joining nodes to the cluster)

Supported platforms:

  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Windows (Windows 10 and below requires Microsoft Edge WebView2, automatic installation is provided by Wails)

Used technologies:

📌 Plans for the future

Project was created in spare time to test Wails V2 beta library in practice, for my another application, also I missed tools for creating Kubernetes cluster on Proxmox so decided take advantage of this situation, and I wrote my own. I hope it will be useful to someone, but keep in mind, project is in early stage of development.

Basically, development of the project depends on interest of community, feel free to report bugs and features.

Planned features:

  • Project validation before deploying the cluster

    • checking already used VMIDs
    • checking resource availability on Proxmox
    • checking used IPs for VMs (based on ping, so without guarantee, due to fact that network devices can have disabled ICMP)
  • Post deploy management

    • add a new node to the existing cluster
    • delete a node from the cluster
    • upgrade Kubernetes
    • change VM resources (CPU, Memory)
  • Support more MicroK8s addons in the cluster planner

  • Install additional apps using Helm

  • Command line app for deploying project

  • Web application

    • opens possibilities for live monitoring and autoscaling

🔨 Building from source and development

Live Development

To run in live development mode, run wails dev in the project directory.


To build a redistributable, production mode package, use wails build.

📷 Screenshots

Login page New/Open project Cluster planner Cluster planner - metallb settings Cluster planner - ingress settings Cluster provisioning Summary


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