PII Logger


To test Personally Identifiable Information redacting in logs. Go ports of the faker library have limited locale support.

The Entities toml file has support for reverse regular expression generation using the regenerator package. Wrap the regular expression in / characters e.g. "/04[0-9]{8}/". Support is basic and it is advised to test regular expressions before using them as there are differences between standard re2 compatible regular expressions and those supported by this package.


Download the appropriate executable from the releases page https://github.com/rnsloan/pii-logger/releases.



--delay time in seconds between outputs. Default: 5

--locale language locale to use. Supported locales are listed here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/3191729. Default: en-AU

--entitiesFilePath fully qualified path to the entities file. For a list of supported entities see the Entities section below. Default: ./pkg/pii/entities.toml

--specificEntities specific entities to use e.g. name,IPAddress. Default: all

--naturalLanguage use the entities in natural language sentences if available. Options: yes, no,always. Default: yes


Supported Entities:

  • phone
  • name
  • IPAddress
  • email
  • religion
  • creditCard
  • medicalCard
  • driversLicence
  • vehicleRegistration
  • pinNumber
  • loyaltyCard
  • gender
  • password
  • time
  • date
  • address
  • currency


  • go run ./cmd/main.go
  • go test ./...

To build a new release:

  1. add a new git tag
  2. push the tag to github
  3. make release
  4. create the new release in github and add the files in /build as assets


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