In this assignment, you have to make a billing machine for the XYZ Cafe. The machine consist of a group of buttons each representing a unique dish. There will also be a different set of buttons representing the quantity. To place an order, you will have to use these buttons in combination. For example, to order 4 cups of coffee, you will have to press “4 C”. The machine will generate a copy of the bill for the customer and also add the amount of the order in ” Total earning”. So, at the end of the day, the owner can see how much he made in sales. The buttons and their corresponding dishes are mentioned below:

  1. C: coffee, 40rs
  2. D: dosa, 80 rs
  3. T: tomato soup, 20rs
  4. I : idli , 20rs
  5. V : vada, 25rs.
  6. B: bhature &chhole, 30rs
  7. P: paneer pakoda, 30rs
  8. M: manchurian, 90rs
  9. H: hakka noodle, 70rs.
  10. F: French fries, 30rs
  11. J: jalebi, 30rs
  12. L; lemonade, 15rs
  13. S: spring roll, 20rs

Press “End” For closing the day.

Hint #1: use a map < struct>
Sample output:
Plz place the order

C 4
Bill (4*price of coffe)

Plz place an order
The total income for the day is (total_income)