Atlima Go Backend Development Version

This Repo – start of total refactoring atlima backend from python dataclasses to Go structs. Main pattern – Builder Pattern.

So far repo contains:

  • Meta builder for each object in system;
  • Multilanguage support for objects with LanguageBuilder and ContentBuilder;
  • Sport and SportAdministrator builders;
  • Interface for each object in system;
  • User and Weapon builders;
  • TargetSet and TargetType Builders;
  • Complain Builder;
  • PromoCode Builder;
  • Squad builder;
  • Team builder;
  • SlotResult builder;
  • Offer and User Agreement interfaces and builders;
  • Notification and Notification Template objects;
  • Slot interface and Slot Builder

Current version not tested, repo executed only storage function.

bb xoxo


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