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AutoGenerated Telegram BotAPI Framework for GoLang Examples Sources


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An elegant and modern BotAPI Framework for GoLang

package main

import ""
import ""
import ""

func main() {
    client := gobotapi.NewClient("YOUR_TOKEN")
    client.OnMessage(func(message types.Message) {
            ChatID: message.Chat.ID,
            Text:   "Hello World!",

GoBotAPI is a modern and elegant AutoGenerated BotAPI Framework. This Framework provides a pure Go implementation without any external libs

In addition to the official API, this Framework also provides some high-level functions that make it easier to use the API.

The Telegram API scheme depends on your build, but if you don’t want to compile by your self you can use the package compiled from

How to install?

Here’s how to add the GoBotApi Framework to your project, the command are given below:

go get -u

Releases Sources

GoBotAPI Generator

GO Version GitHub OS Architectures

GoBotAPI Generator is the generator for the GoBotAPI Framework. It generates a new BotAPI Framework from the given BotAPI schema.

How to use?

Just run the binary file from releases and choose the binary file you want to use on your operating system.


Big thanks to @Laky-64 for making this project possible, special thanks @geiccobs for his own package as starting point for this project, also thanks to @empijei for help about the project design and to @LucaTheHacker for optimizations.


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