This autograder evaluates all the go assignments on the basis of running go test commands on the bash for all _test.go files.


To use this Autograder, clone the repository and all the submissions in the Assignment folder. Then run the following command:

go run main.go


The scores of each individual will be stored in the results.txt file.


The assignment must have a _test.go file.


The autograder uses the go test command to run the tests on the bash for all the _test.go files. Using os/exec package, go test commands are run on the bash for each submission.

A map is created with its key as username and value as the number of tasks successfully completed.

If the output received on stdout starts with PASS, the values for that username is incremented on the map. All the data of this map is then copied to a user defined struct array so that it can be sorted in a decreasing order.

Then this key value pair is written on a file named results.txt

If any error happens while running the go test command, the error is printed on stdout

This autograder can be effectively used to evaluate the PCLUB summer project submissions.

Some demo submissions are provided in the Assignments folder along with the results in the results.txt file.


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