Automatic Tiling for EWMH Complaint Window Managers.



  • Workspace based tiling. You can enable tiling in one workspace and leave others untouched.
  • Comes with two simple tiling layouts (Vertical & Horizontal)
  • Customizable gap between tiling windows.
  • Autodetection of panels and docks.


Binary Release

Download appropriate executable from releases page

$ chmod a+x zentile-linux-amd64
$ ./zentile-linux-amd64

Go get

$ go get github.com/blrsn/zentile
$ "$GOPATH/bin/zentile"


Keybinding Description
Ctrl+Shift+t Tile current workspace
Ctrl+Shift+u Untile current workspace
Ctrl+Shift+s Cycle through layouts
Ctrl+Shift+n Goto next window
Ctrl+Shift+p Goto previous window
Ctrl+] Increase size of master windows
Ctrl+[ Decrease size of master windows
Ctrl+Shift+i Increment number of master windows
Ctrl+Shift+d Decrement number of master windows

Note: Zentile has been tested on Openbox. It should work with any ewmh complaint window manager.

Known Bugs

Zentile doesn't work well when iconify animation is enabled in Openbox.