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zerossl-ip-cert is a automation tool for issuing ZeroSSL IP certificates.

  • Use ZeroSSL REST API to implement certificate issuing.
  • Mainly made for IP certificates.
  • Call external program for automatically verification.
  • Painless certificate renewal.


  • Package zerossl-ip-cert contains ZeroSSL REST API client, one can just go get and import it to use the client.
  • To build static executables, clone this repository and make release , or you can make your desire target binary, just take a look at the Makefile.


zerossl-ip-cert rely on configuration file to run. To archive the goal of issuing certificate automatically, you need do some additional work, saying the external hook.

Usage Info

Version: 0.2.1

Usage: zerossl-ip-cert [ -renew ] -config CONFIG_FILE

  -config string
        Config file
        Renew existing certs only

Configuration File

You can find a sample configuration file here, with enough comments in it. And also a state record sample file here, just for troubleshooting.

External Hook

zerossl-ip-cert use HTTP_CSR_HASH validation method to verify domains (including ip address surely), get more information from the ZeroSSL official documentation.

So you should have a http server running and prepare hook programs to finish the domain verification.

  • verify-hook will be called before domain verification, some environment variables will be passed to it.

    ZEROSSL_HTTP_FV_HOST stands for listening host, here will be ip address.

    ZEROSSL_HTTP_FV_PATH stands for url path, where verification content will locate.

    ZEROSSL_HTTP_FV_PORT stands for listening port, as far as I know, ZeroSSL only reach 80 port of your http server.

    ZEROSSL_HTTP_FV_CONTENT stands for validation content, ZeroSSL will check it when domain verification started.

    And a sample script for nginx can be found here.

  • post-hook will be called after certification downloading, and some other environment variables will be pass to it.

    ZEROSSL_CERT_FPATH stands for the store path of certificate.

    ZEROSSL_KEY_FPATH stands for the store path of private key.

    And a sample script for nginx can be found here.




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