Have fun time with kids and family and friends at playing awesome 2D maze-based games while feeling like a programmer on the computer console/terminal. Enjoy.

overview of maze

Features / Goals

  • define the default size (width & height) of the maze
  • auto adjust the provided maze size based on screen size
  • use keyboard (CTRL+N) to generate new maze at any time
  • use keyboard (CTRL+Q) to cancel current displayed maze
  • use keyboard (CTRL+R) to go back to the initial position
  • use keyboard (CTRL+F) to find/display the path of the maze
  • use keyboard (CTRL+P) to pause/resume the current challenge
  • use keyboard (CTRL+S) to save the current maze challenge
  • use keyboard (CTRL+L) to load any past saved maze challenge
  • use keyboard (CTRL+C) to close immediately the whole game
  • timer to view the time elapsed since the maze get displayed
  • view in real-time the exact coordinates of your position
  • view in real-time the game status (pause or ready or loading)
  • use keyboard (ESC) to quit the maze and SPACE to pause/resume


  • Download executables files

Please check later on releases page

  • From source on windows

$ git clone https://github.com/jeamon/gomazes.git
$ cd gomazes
$ go build -o gomazes.exe .
  • From source on linux/macos

$ git clone https://github.com/jeamon/gomazes.git
$ cd gomazes
$ go build -o gomazes .
$ chmod +x ./gomazes

Getting started

  • Start the game with default (width, height) of (20,15)

$ gomazes.exe 20 15

$ ./gomazes 20 15


Please check & read the license details


Feel free to reach out to me before any action. Feel free to connect on Twitter


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