axolgo-gcp, the Axolotl GCP Library in Golang

This is the GCP library of the Axolotl series in Golang. The difficult part of using Google API in Golang is handled for you. The client calls are also wrapped so you can focus on building your business logic. The interfaces and functions are designed to be more friendly to command line use cases.

Use it with your Go module

To add as dependency for your package or upgrade to the latest version:

go get

To upgrade or downgrade to a specific version:

go get[email protected]

To remove dependency on your module and downgrade modules:

go get

See ‘go help get’ or for details.

See more

  1. axolgo-lib for the base library
  2. axolgo-aws for using AWS SDK
  3. axolgo-cli for using Axolgo in command line


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