Babür is a discord bot created for personal purposes.

The bot’s capabilities are rolling dice and converting some imperial units to metric units.


Create an app in Discord Developer Portal. Set the token of that app as TOKEN environment variable.

Invite the bot into your channel and TADA! He’s ready for your messages.


You can change maximum dice count and side number from config/dice.json

You can change or add units from config/units.json

The units with _ prefix are being used for only convert between metric units (e.g. cm to m)


Roll Dice

If your messages started with one of below format, Babür will roll dice for you.

Example formats:

  • 1d20
  • d6
  • 2d10
  • 2d20 +5

Converting Units

If your messages contains any imperial units in config/units.json, Babür will convert the measurements to metric units.


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