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Description of AikoR

AikoR Supports Various Panels (V2board, ProxyPanel, sspanel, Pmpanel…)

An Xray-based back-end framework, supporting V2ay, Trojan, Shadowsocks protocols, extremely easily extensible and supporting multi-panel connection。

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This project is for my personal learning, development and maintenance only, I do not guarantee the availability and I am not responsible for any consequences resulting from using this software.


  • Open source This version depends on the happy mood
  • Supports multiple protocols V2ray, Trojan, Shadowsocks.
  • Supports new features like Vless and XTLS.
  • Supports single connection to multiple boards and nodes without rebooting.
  • Online IP support is limited
  • Support node port level, user level rate limit.
  • Simple and clear configuration.
  • Modify the configuration to automatically restart the instance.
  • Easy to compile and upgrade, can quickly update core version, support new Xray-core features.
  • Support UDP and many other functions


Featured v2ray trojan shadowsocks
Get button info
Get user information
User traffic statistics
Report server information
Automatic registration of TLS certificates
auto-renew tls certificate
Number of people online
Online User Restrictions
Audit rules
Node port speed limit
User speed limit
Custom DNS

User interface support

Panel v2ray trojan shadowsocks
sspanel-uim √ (Single-port multi-user and V2ray-Plugin)

Software installation – release

Comming Soon

One main installation – docker

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Configuration file and detailed instructions

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Comming Soon

Stargazers over time

Stargazers over time


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