Bampf is a simple 3D arcade style game. Collect energy cores in order to finish a level. Teleport (bampf) to safety or use cloaking abilities to avoid sentinels.

Bampf was created primarily to test the vu 3D engine. Its levels are used to benchmark the engine by substantially increasing the number of triangles rendered each level. As such the game isn’t really meant to be winnable given the large number of AI’s in the later levels.


  • Install the vu engine first using go get
  • Download bampf into the src directory of a Go workspace which is any directory in the $GOPATH. Using just go get places bampf in $GOPATH/src/ and works for producing developer builds, but not production builds.
  • Create developer builds using go build from the bampf directory. Run the game ./bampf.
  • Create shippable product builds using from bampf/admin. All build output is located in the bampf/admin/target directory. Eg:
    • OS X:

      ./ src
      open target/
    • Windows:

      python src

Developer Build Dependencies

  • go1.6
  • vu engine.

Production Build Dependencies

  • go1.6
  • vu engine.
  • python for the build script.
  • git for product version numbering.
  • zip for appending resources to the binary.

Runtime Dependencies

Transitive dependencies from the vu engine.

  • OpenGL version 3.3 or later.
  • OpenAL 64-bit version 2.1.


  • Same dependency limitations as the vu engine.
  • Production builds use zip. On Windows there is a WIN 64-bit zip available at Put zip.exe in PATH.