Setup Ko

Download Ko TODO LINK

set the KO_DOCKER_REPO env var to point to your registry (or use dockerhub username)

Build Layer

Ko for image and sbom (Golang only)

build OCI image and push it to your set docker registry using Ko

run ko build --image-refs image.txt .

Docker Build && Sigstore approach

from project root Github Actions produces SLSA lvl3 provenance

^^ The above also produces golang executable

docker build taking project executable/files as input (this way those things are documented in SBOM)


generate some keys cosign generate-key-pair and follow prompts

sign the image with cosign sign $(cat image.txt) --key cosign.key

verify image before pulling SBOM by running cosign verify $(cat image.txt) --key

retrieve SBOM with cosign download sbom $(cat image.txt) > sbom.yaml


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