CLI Tool to manage topic labels on Github repositories


go get


git clone [email protected]:cbrgm/topictool.git && cd topictool
go mod vendor && make


You’ll need a Github Personal Access Token to use this tool. Create one for your user (Settings -> Developer Settings -> Personal Access Token) and grant read/write access for repositories to it. In case you want to modify private repositories of an organization please authorize SSO.

export GH_ACCESS_TOKEN=<your-token>

then run the topictool.

Usage: topictool <subcommand> <search pattern> <topic labels...>

Replace, add or remove topic labels from multiple Github repositories

    - replace   - replaces all existing topic labels with new ones
    - add       - adds topic labels to existing ones
    - rm        - removes topic labels from existing ones
Search Pattern:
    Searches repositories via various criteria.
    See Github docs:[email protected]/rest/reference/search/#search-repositories

Topic Labels:
    A list of strings representing topic labels


Add a labels foo and bar to the repository cbrgm/topictool

topictool add "cbrgm/topictool" "foo" "bar"

Repository Name	Topics	
 ---		---	

 Add labels [foo,bar] to 1 repositories? [y/n/q]:
 > y

Add a labels foo and bar to all repositories of user cbrgm

topictool add "user:cbrgm" "foo" "bar"

Repository Name			Topics								
 ---				---								
 cbrgm/telegram-robot-rss		bot,messenger,python,rss,rss-feed,rss-reader,telegram-bot			
 cbrgm/go-t			        cli,command-line,go,golang,twitter,twitter-api,twitter-client		
 cbrgm/clickbaiter			advertising,clickbait,generation,generator,go,golang,useless		
 cbrgm/terraform-k8s-hetzner		bash,hetzner,hetzner-cloud,kubernetes,terraform				
 cbrgm/authproxy			api,authentication,client,kubernetes,middleware,token,webhook		
 cbrgm/kubernetes-rbac-groups		authorization,cluster,kubernetes,rbac	
Add labels [foo,bar] to 6 repositories? [y/n/q]:

> y


Replace all labels with foo and bar for all repositories of user cbrgm already having a topic foo

topictool replace "user:cbrgm topic:foo" "foo" "bar"

Repository Name			Topics								
 ---				---								
 cbrgm/telegram-robot-rss		bot,messenger,python,rss,rss-feed,rss-reader,telegram-bot,foo			
 cbrgm/go-t			        cli,command-line,go,golang,twitter,twitter-api,twitter-client,foo		
 cbrgm/clickbaiter			advertising,clickbait,generation,generator,go,golang,useless,foo		
 cbrgm/terraform-k8s-hetzner		bash,hetzner,hetzner-cloud,kubernetes,terraform,foo				
 cbrgm/authproxy			api,authentication,client,kubernetes,middleware,token,webhook,foo		
 cbrgm/kubernetes-rbac-groups		authorization,cluster,kubernetes,rbac,foo	
Replace all existing topic labels with [foo,bar] in 6 repositories? [y/n/q]:

> y


Contributing & License

Feel free to submit changes! See the Contributing Guide. This project is open-source and is developed under the terms of the Apache 2.0 License.


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