BBEdit package for Go development


  • Full language syntax highlighting
  • Support for code folding func
  • Language defaults
  • Full set of clippings
  • Go tool scripts
  • Completion data for Go standard library

The package is a collection of BBEdit supporting elements for developing Go applications. The Resources directory contains the toolset for supporting the scripting and integration.


The following are required for using Go.bbpackage:

  • BBEdit 12.0 or greater
  • Go 1.8 or greater
  • Xcode 6 or greater (particularly the command line tools package)


Download the latest release and install with BBEdit.


The package should be cloned into a working directory. The Makefile will build the sources. The install task will install the package to the correct Application Support directory (either Dropbox, iCloud Drive, or ~/Library).

    git clone
    cd Go-bbpackage
    make install

To update, pull changes and run make install again:

    cd Go-bbpackage
    git pull
    make clean install


The best way to use BBEdit with a Go project is to simply launch BBEdit from the project root.

    cd ~/Projects/workspace/src/<username>/<my cool project>
    bbedit .

Go version update

For new versions of Go, the package should generally work. The standard library tags can be updated by using the script stdlib/Update ctags